Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Market Place

The market is the primary place for Diamicans to obtain goods and services as well as to offer them. Markets come in many forms of course, some are humble trading posts or outdoor collections of carts and tents from travelling merchants. Others are clusters buildings gathered in Market Districts of major cities. Some can even be found temporarily on festival grounds for special occasions and even at tournaments. Below is a travelling market place consisting mostly of traders who have emigrated from the nation of Calashaman.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Great Fall of Diamic

The history of Diamic is a long and rich one. It is divided into ages starting with the dawn of its creation in the Age of Paradise. During this time all the races lived as one on the Heartland in their glorious cities. No death or sickness existed and the people lived forever. Then however, the Great Fall occurred leading to the Age of Blood, which wouldnt end until The Epic War gave way to the Age of Truth. The religious priests, historical scholars, and philosophers all disagree on exactly what led to the fall but here is one story mant Diamicans seem to enjoy and accept as one version of the truth.

The Great Fall

In the forgotten Age of Paradise man and dwarf, and elf and halfling dwelled together one

A mist of water dew rose up and blew within the air, keeping them cool from burning sun

The plants and animals grew in number serving, loving man without a fear

Even in the evening time the lights burned bright, the moons, the stars and all their beams

Made the night so bright and clear

Together the Races of Man built a city where they dwelt together

At the center they built a temple a circle of stone pillars lined up with sun and moon

Where God himself would come and with his creation he would commune

The Age Paradise long forgotten, was an age of peace and life

The people grew number and knew no death

They took in joy and released contentment, with their every blissful breath

They ate of all the fruits the land could offer

Their lips, and eyes, and hands enjoyed Dragonia’s world, forged of sacred incense

Yet every time he came to visit at the temple to bless his people and share his love he reminded them of one command

“I have given you all creation. The oceans and the mountains, the grass fields and all the sand

The beasts and plant life in the lands…are yours to enjoy I give them to your hands

But I ask of you one thing, do not drink the blood of the earth, from the springs of Forbidden Mountain

For in them are knowledge and greatness, but those that only come from death and hardship

I will give you anything that you should ask when you are ready, but do not drink the blood of my creation.”

And with his parting words he’d share his love

Then he’d descend to his domain far above

The day had come when man was dwelling late at night within his keep

He wandered aimlessly through the night, too much time upon his hands

For men did not grow weary at this time, therefore they had no need of sleep

Above his fireplace, long-neglected he found a lovely spider’s web

“What is this?” he asked in awe

Then he saw a delicate little beast, eight legs in all

He tugged the web softly, and towards his hand it began to crawl

Nibbling lovingly at the man’s big hand she smiled into his eyes

And there she beckoned him closer and whispered in his ear

While in his heart she weaved her web of lies

“Listen closely man, and heed my words.”

“I have never seen a creature like you” said the man. “Yet I have named all the beasts that crawl the earth,

The fish that swim the sea, and even flying birds.

Who is this tiny, lovely creature that greets me now?”

“Deceit would be my given name,

For your God, Dragonia has banished me from heaven

And now I dwell beneath the earth in shame.”

Staring at her web, a certain tear came to into his eyes

The spider smiled slyly, for she knew he thought himself as wise

“For what were you banished creature of heaven?” asked Man.

“For taking what rightfully belongs to me!” cried she.

“For showing you great things he wants you not to see…”

“Explain,” beckoned man, in great concern

The webs glowed brightly as if they might begin to burn

Hot with lies the master spider began to sew

“If you come with me there are many things to show

Your God has many secrets he doesn’t wish for you to know

Yet I say knowledge is yours to take; I say truth is yours to make

He wishes for you not to know that you are wiser than he could ever hope to be

Seek not Dragonia’s face

But make the truth your own; go and gather every race

Tell them to drink the blood of the earth so that your world and you become as one

Then you will be God, and you’ll shine greater than his Son.”

Taken in by vile lies the man obsessed and paced to and fro within his halls

Everyday and every night he heard the spiders words, and felt tugging on his heart her nightly calls

His eyes turned red obsessed with blood and power

Locked away within a tower he thought of what to do

He forsook the gatherings at the temple, too taken by a promise that wasn’t even true

Finally he broke and gathered all the townsfolk in a meeting

He repeated all the lies that he’d been told

Empty promises vain and bold

Knowledge, power, glory, wealth

All these things he promised and raised his foaming mug in toast to health

Al were taken in by Man’s bold words, for the tongue of Man was craftier than all

Together they climbed their mount of doom

Colder grew the air; thicker grew the cloudy gloom

At last they reached the top and walked upon the mountain’s face

Struck in wonder they saw the blood boiling inside the mighty forge

Shimmering with magic power and glowing brightly red it called to them

“Here we are,” announced the elven priest. “The heart of the earth,

But I beseech you all to go no further for this is sacred ground

From this spring comes life, from this blood we received that gift

From this heart where all life was birthed

I beseech you defile not her fluids, defile not her beauty”

The elves turned to their leader and bowed their lowly heads

They repented and there they left and with their feet returned

The priest’s son even wept as he walked down the mountain path

But within his daughter’s heart a wicked passion burned

“Cowards!” she cried in great disdain. “Leave if you wish but I will claim what rightfully belongs to me!”

She scowled and shook her head and caste a glare their way

Yellow, catlike eyes turned back and stared into the burning pit

“Let us not drink the blood to start, but let us be clean to partake of its delights!” she cried.

Stripping off her garments she jumped into the bubbling spring

Dancing naked she laughed aloud and then began to sing

Her cousins followed her with many splashes

Then Man with a smile on his face

Dove in and beckoned every race

“Join us!” he cried in glee

Then they drank of the blood and bathed within her depths

And together they partook in orgy

Dragonia arrived in all his glory to an empty temple hall

In a mighty voice he cried “Come down my people from the mountain!”

But he was too late and the people refused to hear His call

Dragonia sprouted wings and grew in size

Scales covered up his smooth and gentle skin

He roared in fury and fire consumed his angry eyes

He flew up to the mountain and struck the highest peak with his tail

“Why have you done this?” asked his angry voice

The people froze “Who are you?” Man was first to speak

Dragonia sighed in pity, “You have forgotten me”

What are you?” said Man, backing away in fear

“I Am. Dragonia, ‘god of all’ and you have forgotten me

You have drank the blood of the earth and turned your back on me

I have given you a choice

To be my friend and walk forever by my side

But you have spoken in your actions and I have heard your voice

You have turned your back on me in search of power and knowledge to make your own

I would have given you all these things in time

In my light so glorious, you would grow and shine

But you have sought a path your own

You have chosen to search and walk alone

But only through suffering will glory and wisdom be yours to take

You will rise and fall, you will fight and die until the day you break”

He turned his eye on man “You have led my people all astray

I will split your house to keep your will at bay

Two houses of Man will go their separate ways

To the first I give the harsh, cold lands of the north where lies the silver moon

For your people shall seek the gold of life but their journey fails too soon

And to the second house I give the torrid desert lands, yonder south

Above that land there lies a moon, the color red

Symbolizing all the blood that men will shed”

Mighty Dragonia turned then to staunch and stubborn dwarves

“And to you I give the lands of the golden west

A golden moon shines above the best

For man led you astray, but you are still at fault this day”

In pity He turned to the house of the elven priest

“Go home enjoy a splendid feast

For I have given you the east

You have not betrayed me and thus have proven friend

But nonetheless my time within this world must end

The world will die around you, and even you must partake of death

But I will give you life and purest breath

Disease will not afflict as the others

You shall wear and age ten times slower than your brothers

Very seldom will your skin pick up dirt

But nonetheless I must leave you in this world for I am hurt

But in spirit I am with you

And I will use your people to restore the cursed heart of the earth”

“And what of me?” asked the elf priest’s daughter

“You have shamed your house, and cursed your father

You are unworthy to walk the earth with them

You are beneath your father’s feet and as such you shall dwell beneath the world they walk on

You shall hide in darkness and walk in shame”

“Master Dragonia, for my sake spare my daughter.

For if you banish them to that world below, the Dark Realms, they shall surely die

Perversions, monsters, and all other things await them

And if I lose my daughter I shall surely weep and cry!”

“Then I will hide her in the dark and bless her elven eyes to see

She will have advantage in every fight

In that her skin will be as black and dark as night

Though you dwell in ruin beneath the world I appoint you rulers of the dark”

When the races left the Heart behind in shame

Dragonia flew away as well and sent his rain

For seven years the water fell and soaked the ground

And for seven more his mighty sun baked and scorched the earth

The continent would lie in ruin until the end of time

And the Heart of th Earth bubbled and boiled evermore

The blood become brighter and hotter than before

So hot and bright the blood became that no hand could touch it anymore

And as years flew by, all forgot their God, even the elves, his chosen people

And they began destroying themselves in war

Yet Dragonia did not forget his people and their pain

And swore He would send a Messiah, and He would save them once again…