Friday, April 19, 2013

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Epic War eBook released.

The Epic War is now available in eBook format and should be compatible for most eBook reading devices, I am hoping to release it in kindle some time later if possible. It is compatible for most other devices. If you are reading it on PC I highly recommend downloading NOOK for PC, I'm pretty sure the download is free, and the view is very easy on the eyes.

In any case the cost is much lower than the paperback version at only $3.00

You can get it here

(update 4/18/2013) Now available on Kindle. You may acquire the book in kindle format from by clicking here

Thank you all for your patience and your support in this writer's journey. God bless,

-David B. Beaver, author.

Brotherly Art

The Epic War as you know is available in paperback form, I'm in the process of reformatting so I can release the EBook edition, which should be here tomorrow or the day after. In the meanwhile I thought those of you who don't like the Facebook page might enjoy some artwork I shared on there. God has blessed me with both a supportive and talented family, so here below are the most recently fantasy artwork masterpieces by a couple of my younger brothers.

                                   First we have a mighty green dragon by James Beaver, age 10Then

Then we have a friendly orc warrior by Matt Beaver, age 15

Thanks for viewing and keep checking back for update, stories, and sometimes artistic treats like this. Many blessings,

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Epic War is here!

The Epic War has been released as promised in paperback form. I will be doing an EBook release when I have everything properly formatted for that endeavor. Below will be the official press release. Thank you all for your support. If you go on our Facebook there is a post you can click 'like' on and I will send you a free chapter as a sample of the work. You can buy the paperback today at the storefront

It has been an exciting journey so far, thank you all so much for your support.

Independent fantasy author and freelance writer David B. Beaver has announced the release of his latest fantasy adventure ‘Epic War’.

‘Epic War’ follows the life of Mulgy the barbarian who spent the early part of his life raised by a kindhearted and mystical centaur. Eventually the two departed ways and Mulgy went off to live among and eventually rule  the People of the Sun, the most advanced of the scattered barbarian tribes of the world of Diamic. During the Age of Blood the people of Diamic were divided and constantly at each other’s throats. The Demon King saw this as an opportunity to conquer the divided fantasy world with his army of orcs and convert Diamic into one of the planes of Hell. It will be up to Mulgy to unite the scattered tribes through wit, force, and perhaps most importantly the power of brotherly love, and move his armies against the orcs who dwell in the Heartland and replenish their forces by a dark and magical portal. It will be a war of ages, and an Epic War. You won’t want to miss it.

“This is a classic sword and sorcery fantasy with a touch of the speculative genre.” David said of his work. “On one hand you have a barbarian king conquering his names with a sword and his wits, both as sharp as a steel blade, but on the other hand you have a much deeper story. There are relationships of every kind, unique characters from every fantasy race, and a much deeper story.”

“The name ‘Mulgy’ comes from an ancient barbarian language in Diamic.” Mr. Beaver continued. “The word literally means ‘mistake’. Yet here we have someone who was designated and dismissed by most as a ‘mistake’ who will rise not only to become a king, but to overcome impossible odds and force back an evil threat from the world forever. Here then the loser becomes a leader, and leader rises to become a hero. I think it’s a story we can all relate to.”

Epic War will be available as both an EBook and a paperback release on and other venues.

Links and more information can be found on David’s blog, as well as his Facebook page

David B. Beaver has considered himself a writer in heart since childhood. He has self-published a previous fantasy novel, the First Free King of the North also available at and as an EBook at many other venues. He did not take his writing career seriously, however, until the beginning of 2012 when he wrote a couple of articles for Yahoo! and began as a freelancer at Since then he has written and ghostwritten many articles, blog posts, stories, and much more. Some of his debut short stories include Squire Ryanus and Mage Finals, and most recently Guise Markets, which he has published with Short Story Press.

David B. Beaver is available for interview in the area of Cumberland County PA, and can be contact at his email Further contact information can be furbished upon further request. His titles are available on and others. More information can be found on his blog at where he shares some of his free works of fiction and information about his fantasy world, as well as updates and events.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

We have a facebook page!

Some of you who have read my blog posts might be interested to know that the world of Diamic has a whole Facebook page dedicated to it. Here you will find artwork, fun fantasy posts, and quick little updates you might not always see here on the blog. . We will also be holding some contests and promotions through the Facebook page, plus you can show off your love for a unique indie fantasy fiction world and author to all of your friends. So if you have a Facebook check us out at


Please like and/or share our page and any posts you enjoy to support our world. The citizens of Diamic of every race, faith, and region humbly thank you. Without our readers after all, we could not exist.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Epic War Release April 13 2013

For those of you who may be interested this is to inform you that the Epic War will soon be released in a paperback edition. It has been a long and perilous journey. Beyond the perils presented by the Demon King and his orcish hordes many trials and perils have been encountered along the way in the writing of this story and the experience of this journey. I finished the rough draft for the book and got about half way through the rewrite, which is stage 2 of the author's journey. Then my computer crashed forcing me start the rewrite over. I am now wrapping up the process of proof-reading. Without the use of professional editing services I am forced to extra time and effort so that I can deliver an unflawed product to you, my readers, and thus maximize the quality of your experience in my world. Thank you for your patience.

The book will be available in paperback form on first. I also plan to release an EBook version which should be compatible for Nook, most apple devices, and many more portable reading electronics. It may not work for kindle depending on what format I publish with, but if possible I will try to break into the kindle market as well. The EBook will come later simply because I will have to reformat the file for maximum compatibility and ease of reading.

The paperback will be released on April 13 2013, and the EBook as soon after as I can best reformat it. You can check out our marketplace on Lulu otherwise I will provide links.. This book is somewhat of a prequel to my book The First Free King of the North so I suggest you read both books to maximize your fantasy adventure. If you can't wait for the release or want to wet your appetite you may purchase the First Free King of the North in paperback or EBook format online now at our storefront market place. Thank you all for your patience and support so far. Without you, my reader, my dreams would be little more than dust. Thank you all and God bless,

David B. Beaver, the author.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Market Place

The market is the primary place for Diamicans to obtain goods and services as well as to offer them. Markets come in many forms of course, some are humble trading posts or outdoor collections of carts and tents from travelling merchants. Others are clusters buildings gathered in Market Districts of major cities. Some can even be found temporarily on festival grounds for special occasions and even at tournaments. Below is a travelling market place consisting mostly of traders who have emigrated from the nation of Calashaman.

Click here to visit OUR maerketplace, where you can find our published novels along with a few freebies.