Monday, April 8, 2013

Epic War Release April 13 2013

For those of you who may be interested this is to inform you that the Epic War will soon be released in a paperback edition. It has been a long and perilous journey. Beyond the perils presented by the Demon King and his orcish hordes many trials and perils have been encountered along the way in the writing of this story and the experience of this journey. I finished the rough draft for the book and got about half way through the rewrite, which is stage 2 of the author's journey. Then my computer crashed forcing me start the rewrite over. I am now wrapping up the process of proof-reading. Without the use of professional editing services I am forced to extra time and effort so that I can deliver an unflawed product to you, my readers, and thus maximize the quality of your experience in my world. Thank you for your patience.

The book will be available in paperback form on first. I also plan to release an EBook version which should be compatible for Nook, most apple devices, and many more portable reading electronics. It may not work for kindle depending on what format I publish with, but if possible I will try to break into the kindle market as well. The EBook will come later simply because I will have to reformat the file for maximum compatibility and ease of reading.

The paperback will be released on April 13 2013, and the EBook as soon after as I can best reformat it. You can check out our marketplace on Lulu otherwise I will provide links.. This book is somewhat of a prequel to my book The First Free King of the North so I suggest you read both books to maximize your fantasy adventure. If you can't wait for the release or want to wet your appetite you may purchase the First Free King of the North in paperback or EBook format online now at our storefront market place. Thank you all for your patience and support so far. Without you, my reader, my dreams would be little more than dust. Thank you all and God bless,

David B. Beaver, the author.

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