Sunday, July 8, 2012

Conflicted Love-Yet Another Unrelated to Fantasy Poem

Your love is not unrequitted, simply misunderstood
My soul is simply numb to love It was never that you weren't good
I am fragile, I am afraid, and full of suspicion
I am hollow, yet I am solid like a stone...
Though I want to know true love I also want to be alone
Sometimes in bed I shiver from the cold
Wondering if I will still be here when I am old
Yet it frightens me less, enjoying the comfort of having it for myself
Though i often long and groan for true loves true worth
I also wonder if God has made me chaste from birth
I know you want my undying love and true devotion
But I cannot acquiesce
You know I wish from you for patience
But it's not a fair request
At an impasse, but not a deadend
I still have you as my friend
It is not a hopeless love
But conflicted...

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