Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day! Buy An Ebook today get one free sent to your mom

Hey everyone i decided randomly and kind of late i know, but im going to do a special. If you buy a copy of my novel The First Free King of North on, send me an email at, and if you give me your mom's email (i dont my spam it's distasteful) I will send her the ebook free of charge, so you get a gift for your mom and a great book for yourself, that simple. Email me if anything is confusing, i will try to answer post-haste if possible. One day only. I have access to sales statistics so i can tell if someone bought the novel, but if needed i may ask for an excerpt or some information not free available online to prove you bought it if the numbers dont add up. Thanks and God bless you on this mother's day.

I will even include a personal message telling her the gift is from you, or a custom personalized message if you so choose. God bless, and thanks, safe journeys!

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