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How Diamic was Created-The Creation Story

The creation story for my fantasy world. I wrote this as freshman in college for a world mythology project. We were allowed to choose to write a creative writing assignment for one of our major projects. I was inspired by the creation stories we were learning about as well as the "Epic Poetry" style of ancient literature, such as the Epic of Gilgamesh, and other classics like Beowulf. I wanted to produce my own epic poem, make a creation story for my world, and create my own myth for World Mythology 101. I did all three in one project and receive an A. I was also told i should see the editors at school newspaper to get this published, but sadly my social anxiety has held me back from many things, and thus I let this oppurtunity slips through my fingers. At least I get to share it with you all, though. Enjoy. Without further ado...

Creation Story of Diamic
Tell me a tale oh lovely keeper of knowledge, show me your face you whom men call The Oracle Open up your halls to me oh keeper of the Akashic records Open your scrolls to me oh author of the Book of Life Tell me a tale from a world faraway, the world named Diamic

Behold I stood before the halls of the wretched goddess of fate Destiny is her name To some she is a beauty to be won; a noble prize you need but claim To others she is an ugly wretched being, a wild beast you must overcome and tame She came to me as I called out to higher powers for a tale, for a vision from another world She looked into my eyes, a stunning beauty, and she took me to another time, another place Destiny smiled upon me, but then she slapped me in the face Then I cried to the oracle of that other world, and I was told a tale of this world, which I only knew by name Behold, she spoke and said…

“Listen now, I tell you of another time, another place But not a time once past, but a time that is to come And not another place so faraway from yours But an earth in place of earth, a new world in place of old For as men do die and are born again, so are worlds…”
I listened to the oracle speak in utter awe, I was confused and dazed I stood before her full of questions, and I would have asked them But I was too intrigued; too amazed“Tell me then oh beautiful keeper of knowledge, oh librarian of the other world…Teach me and I will listen, how this world came into being.”

“Very well,” said she. “Then listen careful, and listen well, to my tale Behold the Godhead looked upon the planes of time and space All was dead and all was gone, burned and blown away as chaff He frowned upon the void who claimed to reign again He glared into the darkness of the universe He had done so many times in many fights He closed his eyes for many years and darkness danced in great delight But then he opened them again and out of them came light The darkness fled in terror once again balanced out by light”Though intrigued by her words, I dared to interrupt“Who is this lord, this lord of light? Who is he that in darkness he makes the light, that in blindness he gives sight? Do they call him by a name, or is he the Nameless Father?” “He is the Nameless Father,” she explained. “But living creatures need a name, so they refer to him in elven tongue Dragonia is his title; it means the ‘God of All’” “Tell me then,” I said. “How the rest of the world came into being Continue to utter your creation tale Tell me what happened, after the rise of light, when darkness failed”

“Darkness still existed, it simply fled from light For though the two exist in space together, they cannot touch each other For they are enemies, for one brings blindness, and one brings sight Dragonia looked upon the darkness, and he saw it still existed He saw it didn’t fail, but in his heart he knew that light would still prevail So he overlooked his enemy and turned his eyes and hands to other tasks
Now I tell you the tale, of how he made the heavens and how he formed the earth: First he reached his mighty hands into a bowl of burning incense The ash was soft and dry so he put all his toil into it And he soaked it in the sweat of his great brow When the ash became hard like clay he made it into the shape of a sphere Then he inhaled the smoke and his lungs purified the vapors And he sighed upon the planet, and there came the atmosphere Then he reached again with his mighty hands into the bowl He took the burning ashes and separated them from flame Then he hurled the flame into the spots of light And together light and fire formed the stars and weakened darkness evermore
As the Lord looked upon his earth he saw it empty, he saw it hallow Then he saw its future and it was the same The stars would once again consume his world, when his creation went astray He saw the suffering that was to come; he saw betrayal, which his people soon would bring He saw the widows and the orphans that would be born He saw these things for of course he knew all things So when he saw the sadness his people soon would face When he saw destruction, which his earth would meet He bowed his head towards his earth and wept and wept for many years So the oceans formed, as the earth was covered in his tears He saw the earth was drowning so he stopped at last to spare it He commanded the hardened earth to rise and shake And so the plains and valleys, and so the mountains and the hills Were formed by mighty quake
He then saw the world was barren and without any life So he breathed upon the land and sea This is when he began to sing His sound waves sent vibrations through the land and seas His voice shook the earth, and sent ripples through the waters And from his voice the life emerged Plant and creature rose from land and sea And from his music and from life energy…The power of magic came to be

Dragonia saw harmony in his creation; he saw beauty and perfection But he knew as he always did that it lacked a mind to run it The world now worked in cycles, but it had no knowledge to make it great So first the lord cut his mighty tongue Then he breathed again the smoke, from the burning bowl of incense The smoke mixed with his blood and he breathed it upon the earth While the vapors were still swirling, he formed many people with his hands Elves, and dwarves, and men and halflings rose from vapors Then he formed a shell around the vapors, and he made the people that would rule his lands…

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