Sunday, February 17, 2013

Creative Art for The Artistically challenged

Blakthar Swamp is a treacherous place in the realm of Diamic, ruled by an evil witch in her dark lair overlooking the swampy wastelands. She deals mostly in illusionary magic, which only the strong of will and courageous in heart will survive without succumbing to madness.

Below is a primitively put together rendition of her Lair. I am not an artist and I'm sure it shows here, but it's all about fun, creativity and trying new things. I simply found a series of photos and used the copy and paste and masking AKA "selection" feature of Microsoft Paint to take segments from the real world and paste them cleverly into my own. And to think this all started with a photo I took of a black pitchforked shaped eraser i bought from a 50 cents novelty dispenser...thanks for viewing...

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