Monday, February 25, 2013

The Epic War is Nearly Finished

I have completed the rough draft for this novel, meaning the story in its entirety is basically finished. I will have to do some rewriting to improve the prose and make the words run together a little more smoothly. I will also have to edit for grammar. This is all the easy part. The interesting part will be reformatting. smashwords, through whom i hope to publish the ebook version has very strict requirements for formatting ebooks, and i will therefore have to struggle to adhere to them.

I will probably also be releasing a paperback on lulu, so i will have to have a particular format for that as well.

So as the man from the movie Finding Forester says, "The final copy you write with your brain, the rough draft you write with your heart." therefore this will be the part I have to write with my brain. I do hope to release it soon, however. Thank you all for bearing patiently, I hope you'll enjoy the book when it comes out.

After this is all said and done I will begin working on my autobiography.

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