Monday, April 9, 2012

Davainia-A National Anthem

The nation of Davainia is unique and freedom is enjoyed by many here in the world of Diamic. The national anthem was inspired by the epic tale of its founding, which can be enjoyed in the novel The First Free King of The North. The song can be enjoyed below. Thanks for listening and enjoy...

Davainia Davainia
Land of peace and liberty
A haven of power the eyes of many see
Davainia Davainia
The sword of an empire did not prevail against thee
Your walls withstood their fire
You survived though things were dire
Davainia Davainia
Man and orc fight side by side
Only for freedom do they stride
And justice prevails while ignorance fails
Davainia Davainia
Escape for the refugee
A haven of hope in you the hopeless see
Giving glory to the god of all
You protect the innocent, the righteous great and small
Davainia Davainia
Davainia Davainia
Glory to Dragonia for Davainia!

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