Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Introducing: The First Free King of The North (video)

Dabuse Foxington has spent most of his life growing up in a nation and under a set of circumstances he does not understand. He comes to realize that his destiny is to fight for a nation he has come to hate for the oppression, hypocrisy, and the over all narrowmindedness of his people. He wishes to be free. The time will come to choose if he will follow his fate as a soldier or make a choice to be something more. In doing so he will face monsters of epic proportions, barbarians, and the most powerful nation in Diamic, the nation of Gabriel. He will be hunted like a dog. Worst of all, however he will have to answer to Destiny the goddess of fate, who does not appreciate the will of a mortal man contending with her own, only time will tell if he can overcome here and become...

The First Free King of The North... (click link for more)

Check out the video for an audio excerpt...

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