Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dryad's Dance Original Poem

Dryads Dance
by Jenni Faye

I feel a sense of magic as
The wind blows through the trees
I watch the leaves in motion
Swirling, shaking, falling free

In the dark of the woods
Where it is damp and cold
I hear the dryads whisper
In a language queer and old

They speak of things that only
Faeries of the trees can tell
You can only hear them if you
Truly believe and listen well

They make sounds enchanted
With coos and moans haunting
To stay your ground amidst your fear
Is a task that is quite daunting

Their songs will surely impale
Your soul like sharp swords
And expose your inner being
With their ominous ancient chords

You will never be the same
If you have the strength to stay
In the darkness of the woods
As the dryads dance and play

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